Things I love:

I am a Mom, Wife, and Momtreprenuer with tons of goals and ideas. I love my family. They are my heart. My life basically revolves around my them.

I love to eat. I am not a vegetarian, although I strongly believe I can be by nature (noodles and vegetables are my go to meals). My Husband makes it really difficult because he literally makes the best chimmichuri from scratch. I can not help but dig into a beautifully cooked, just seared on the outside, basically raw skirt steak with tablespoons of his special sauce on it. Want to buy me a gift? No thanks, take me somewhere to eat instead!

I love going to my yoga classes (especially hot yoga) and practicing in my home. Trying new workouts and going for runs keeps me energized believe it or not. It’s just like that saying, “you only have one place to live so take care of it”. Mentally, physically, and spiritually! You can never be too busy, but you still need to set aside some time for yourself. Self-care, just do it.

How did I get into loving Photography?

Cameras of all sorts were always laying around my house. I am Chinese. Asians did not get that stereotype out of the blue. It’s literally in my blood. Both of my Grandpas always had and still have cameras at every family occasion. My Dad loves photography, has taken classes, and is my behind the scenes motivator. Lots of pictures of them taking pictures, videotaping is also high up there. We love documenting everything and anything, especially food…our gatherings consist of food…lots of it!

I got my first kit DSLR in college. Hubby bought my first “real” DSLR when we got married and that was the end of it! But, having my own children set off the spark. They are my models for life. That was basically the beginning of my small but growing business.

My heart is full. My heart is happy. I am grateful.

With loads of love,


Just put up the most recent and decent photo I had of myself. Other photos are of me in my sweats and yoga clothes…not very pretty